70 @70

This website was first created by the Yale Class of 1970 to help celebrate their collective seventieth birthdays. The website coordinated events designed to generate enthusiasm for their 50th Class Reunion. This series of events  in 10 cities won the 2018 Yale Alumni Association Excellence Award for Outstanding Class Event in a Non-Reunion Year.

Now the Class of 1970 hopes this website will be able to help subsequent classes celebrate!

Plans for Yale Class of 1970 took many forms.

Llew Miller chaired a mini-reunion in Chicago for the second weekend in June (June 8-10). Of course it’s titled “70 @ 70”. Check out the page on this website called “chicago @70”.

Additional gatherings were held in NYC, DC, Philly, Harrisburg, Boston, San Francisco, Denver, Charleston, and Mory’s in New Haven. Some get-togethers invited member of our “shoulder” classes, 1969 and 1971. For more info, check out the “Class of ’70 parties” page.

There was a great turnout building enthusiasm for the Class’ upcoming 50th Reunion in New Haven in May 2020, which will be chaired by Scott Simpson.